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Hey friends! I’m just checking in on this #meredithblogsmonday with my monthly update! My husband Kyle and I were married on May 26, 2018 and I had every intention to blog all of our newlywed adventures month-to-month. Do you ever have the best of intentions and then time passes and you realize you missed months of content? No? Just me?

I faithfully blogged our first three months (Month One, Month Two, Month Three) and then life just got insanely busy. Wedding season, I started a Master’s program, I started a new job, and all of the fun busyness of the holidays filled up my schedule.

These posts are not only fun to share, but I want to be able to look back on them in the future just to remember the little things! Today I’m sharing all the things (that I can remember) from September 2018 – January 2019!

Grab a cup of coffee and read all about our newlywed adventures below!

September 2018

  • We traveled to Virginia to be with family for Labor Day! We’ve tried to start a cousins breakfast the morning we leave to head back to WV, and it’s been such a fun tradition. This day was particularly memorable because my little cousin Maggie at her way into a sugar coma. So much pancake syrup!

  • I started in my temporary office space at our Hangar! I was excited to get down there and start implementing changes to our program. It was exciting to be closer to home, and in a more flexible work environment.

  • I took my first flight with one of our student pilots who did SO well. It was a great experience. I always feel so fortunate to call West Virginia home, but seeing it’s beauty from the back seat of a small Cessna just made me feel even more grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

  • I got my first HydraFacial and now I’m totally obsessed.

  • I got accepted into my Master’s Program!

  • I met some beautiful families to do Fall Mini Sessions. We had to postpone a few because it rained SO MANY DAYS, but we got them done and they turned out so gorgeous! (blog posts coming soon!)

  • We traveled to Davis, WV for a Fall festival. We ate beef sandwiches, kettle corn that was so fresh it was still warm, and drank the most cozy wassail I’ve ever tasted. The day was cool and crisp, and we just had the most refreshing time.

  • We took a detour to hike at Blackwater Falls! We took the trail down to the falls (which was PACKED) and then traveled to Lindy Point. Again, so grateful I live in the beauty of West Virginia!

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October 2018

  • I had the honor of doing pictures for a few gorgeous families, and one of my favorite seniors! (those blog posts are also coming soon!)

  • We took our annual trip to Holden Beach, NC. My family has been going to Holden in the fall nearly every year of my life (and even before). Holden holds so many memories for me, and Kyle proposed on our trip to Holden in October 2017. We took time to visit the spot where he proposed and then had dinner at one of our favorite places! It’s such a special place. We’re already counting down the days until we get to go back!

  • My fall semester started the Monday after we got back from vacation. I took two 8-weeks classes, worked a new full-time job, and built this business and it was INSANE. I will never do it again, but I made it through with a 4.0.

  • I took my little sister’s engagement pictures and did not cry! That’s a miracle in and of itself, and we ended up with some of the most beautiful images. I am so proud of her. Stay tuned for that blogpost, too!

  • I got to give out candy to trick-or-treaters for the first time in my entire life, and I loved every minute of it!

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November 2018

  • We went wedding gown shopping with my sister Elyse (she found her dress, and it is EPIC). I love the wedding planning process so much, and it’s so fun with sisters.

  • I did another senior session which I will also be sharing here!

  • Kyle and I went to Pittsburgh to a Virginia Tech football game with some friends. It was an interesting experience, and that’s all I’m going to say. Ha!

  • We spent a weekend relaxing at Stonewall Resort. It was very much needed and came at the perfect time. We ate BBQ, delicious soft pretzels with beer cheese, shrimp & grits, and watched Christmas movies in bed. After all the crazy of October that trip was a welcome break.

  • We traveled to VA for Thanksgiving with our families. We are happy that both my family and Kyle’s celebrate holidays together in the same home. We are thankful for that. So, so thankful.

  • We found out that we’re getting a niece in March and we are so EXCITED!

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December 2018

  • We decorated our cozy townhouse for Christmas. The Christmas lights made me so happy.

  • I ended my first semester of grad school with a 4.0. I am so proud of this accomplishment. I took two 8-weeks courses and balanced being a newlywed, a brand-new job, the holidays, and had some really weird health issues that made life seem chaotic. Those few months were insane, but by God’s grace I ended up with a 97% in one class and a 99% in the other.

  • I started a deep dive into the Enneagram. I’m 90% sure I’m an 8 (I’m 10% sure I might be a 3). It’s a fascinating subject!

  • We celebrated Christmas with our families and enjoyed a nice dinner at Kyle’s office work party!

  • We made bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits for our first Christmas morning together and watched Jingle All the Way while we opened gifts. Ha!

  • We spent time with my family this year and then headed to VA a few days after Christmas to spend with Kyle’s family and to celebrate 2019!

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January 2019

  • The first week of 2019 was spent in Charleston. Kyle had continuing ed hours there, and I decided to go with him! I worked on my business plan for 2019, met my friend Hannah for a day of shopping, and just relaxed. It was the best way to spend a few days in the new year!

  • I planned for the year, planned some goals, and completed a prayer journal. The combination of these three products has tremendously helped my be in charge of my time. I’m excited to share about all three of these in a blogpost later!

  • We had our first homemade dinner date night. We chose bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits again, and I made a nutella semifredo. I’ll be sharing that recipe soon!

  • We celebrated the life of my Aunt Jennifer. Hearing the people in her life speak about her joy (even in struggles) and the way her life pointed others to Jesus brought so much peace to my soul. I am so thankful that she is healed and whole now.

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Praying For:

  • Trusting God to lead us in careers, in our marriage, and into the right place.

  • Friendships. Just to get real for a minute, I started praying for friendships, and more specifically a community of people that are in the same stage of life, who love Jesus, and who we could do life with in June. Since that time every single one of my friendships have either been removed or drastically distanced from my life, not in a bad way but in a very obvious distancing. There is a peace in my heart that God is distancing things from my life that were good to heal my heart in order to make room for the best.

  • This business! I have a very specific goal for the amount of weddings I want to take on this year, and although I’m not to my goal yet, I’m trusting that God is going to put the right brides into my life!


  • I continued reading Soul Rest by Curtis Zackery on vacation, and have still found I have to read through the book very slowly and intentionally. Sabbath is something I want to cultivate in my life, but it’s something that is so opposite of how I normally operate that it’s taking a while for me to grasp the concept and start implementing practices.

  • The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron. This is an Enneagram book. I read through it pretty quickly, but I’m still stuck between thinking I’m an 8 or a 3.

  • Company of One by Paul Jarvis

  • Dear Santa by Nancy Naigle. I normally read a lot of non-fiction during the year, but I like to read a cheesy fiction book around Christmas. This was not cheesy at all. Totally heartwarming and sweet. I highly recommend it, and have already passed it on to my momma to read next!

  • Let’s be friends on Goodreads! Follow me here!

Grateful For:

  • Family both mine and Kyle’s. We have been richly favored.

  • This business!

  • Answered prayers about my career.

  • My husband. Always. He is a gift to me.

Eating & Drinking:

  • Panera salads (or just panera in general)

  • Apples & peanut butter

  • My mom’s crockpot chili recipe

  • Hot Chocolate with marshmallows nearly every night

  • Roasted Asparagus

  • A blonde flat white from Starbucks

Listening To/Watching

  • That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie F. Downs

  • What Should I Read Next Podcast

  • The Bachelor recap episodes from The Popcast Podcast (hilarious)

  • Crowder’s I Know A Ghost

  • I’ve watched a lot of TV the last few months – Christmas Vacation all December long, The Bachelor, Manifest

Being Intentional About

  • My time

  • Sabbath routine

  • Quality time with Kyle

  • Cultivating my schedule – I’ve been using a new method that I’m going to write about. I want to be in charge of my schedule, not the other way around.

Wanting to Adventure To

  • The Bahamas. As I’m writing this, it’s currently 4 degrees. Shocker I know.

    2019 Goals

  • Coming SOON!


The Harts Months 4-8

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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